Our Owner-Manager Team

Raymond HollimanRaymond Holliman

Raymond is the telecommunications facilities specialist for The Guilford Building. He has wired up, hooked up, and built out 'just right' locations in the building for dozens of telecommunication businesses. As a former member of the Greensboro Fire Department, Raymond oversees development of all telecom facilities at The Guilford Building with an eye to fire safety.

Diana PostonDiana Poston

Hallimar Properties Inc., the management company formed by The Guilford Building owners in 1993, is one of three businesses that Diana Poston has helped to create and nurture to success. She is a problem solver with a talent for administration and has long managed The Guilford Building for Hallimar Properties. You can find her in the front office as you walk into the building.


Our Staff

The Team

Mike, Lowell, Eric and Fonz
(Pictured back to front, left to right.)

Mike Holliman

Mike is in charge of electrical installations and repairs. He is a licensed electrician.

Lowell Reynolds

Lowell takes care of carpentry, repairs, and construction in the building.

Eric Morrow

Eric handles maintenance and evening security for Hallimar Properties.

Fonz Davis

Fonz provides daytime security and reception at The Guilford Building.